Computers Available

There are over fifty computers available in the library that may be used for applications including Internet access, word processing, spreadsheet and database programs, access to the library's research databases etc. The workstations are connected to networked printers, and copies are available for 15 cents a page. There are four PCs in the main reference area and two in the children's room reserved exclusively for access to the public catalog in order to allow users to find items in the library's collection.

The Library reserves the right to set time limits for the use of various computers in the building. PCs in the Children's Room are reserved for children aged 12 and under. Patrons who use the computers or the library's wireless network are subject to the Library's Code of Conduct, Policy on Public Use of the Internet and Internet Safety / Internet Content Filtering Policy.

Wireless Access ("WiFi")

The Library also offers free wireless access (aka "hot spots" & "WiFi") at all locations for library patrons to use with their own personal notebooks, laptops and other mobile devices. These access points are unsecured, accessible only during normal library hours and filtered to comply with CIPA regulations. A patron's use of this service is also governed by the Library's Policy on Public Use of the Internet and Wireless Network Access Policy

Due to the proliferation of WiFi networks, Library users may also be able to access other WiFi networks within the branch that are not provided by the Library. Use of these non-Library wireless networks within the Library's facilities is also governed by the Library's Policy on Public Use of the Internet and Wireless Network Access Policy.

Using the Library's Computers

To use computers other than those reserved for the public catalog, individuals must present a valid Niagara Falls Public Library card or a card from any NIOGA Library System member library. For information on how to obtain a library card, see our Borrowing Policies. Out of town visitors may be issued a temporary "guest pass."

Users must be thirteen years of age or older to access the Internet in the main reference area. Users under the age of thirteen may access the Internet in the children's room. These computers are reserved specifically for children aged 12 and under. In order for staff to code a child's card for computer access, a parent or legal guardian must come to the children's department of the library and complete a Parental Consent for Internet Access form.