Code Of Conduct

Patron Code of Conduct

The following actions and forms of conduct are not permitted in the Niagara Falls Public Library or on library property:

  1. Any action or behavior which is disruptive, disturbing, disorderly or potentially harmful to others.
  2. Any loud, unreasonable and/or disturbing noises created by persons, electronic devices or cell phones.
  3. Improper use of furniture, equipment or materials, to include moving tables, chairs and other furniture as well as loitering, sleeping or putting head, legs or feet on the table.
  4. Intentionally damaging, destroying, or stealing any library property or a patron's or staff property.
  5. Removing library property or materials from the building without going through established loan procedures or other authorization.
  6. Not wearing shoes or shirt, or wearing clothes unbuttoned or unzipped. Pants and shorts must be pulled up to avoid visible underwear.
  7. Bringing in more than one canvas, nylon, paper or plastic bag. No bag can be over 18 inches in length. Larger bags of any type, bedrolls or luggage are prohibited.
  8. Consumption or use of any food or beverages in building; possession of open food or drink (except for official library functions in designated areas when permission is given by Library Administration).
  9. Use of tobacco, alcohol, or electronic cigarettes or both legal and illegal narcotics in the building or within 100 feet of any entrance.
  10. Possession, consumption. sale or trade of alcohol, illegal and legal drugs or being under influence of same.
  11. Taking library materials into restrooms; improper use of restrooms, including shaving and bathing.
  12. Soliciting, surveying, selling of any kind, political campaigning, and distribution or posting of materials not specifically authorized by the Library Director.
  13. Unauthorized or unscheduled group meetings.
  14. Unauthorized use of meeting rooms or any unauthorized area, including stairwells, elevators, or any area around the building.
  15. Unauthorized use of a non-public door or any non-public area.
  16. Adults using the children's area. This area is for children and their parents or care providers only.
  17. Use of library for child-attending services; leaving a child under thirteen years of age unattended by a responsible person for any amount of time; leaving a child of any age an excessive period of time or beyond closing.
  18. Refusal to leave library after designated closing time.
  19. Unauthorized, improper or unsafe use of any library grounds or parking area.
  20. Animals in the building, except officially licensed ADA assistance animals who are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability.
  21. Carrying weapons of any type.
  22. Any illegal acts or conduct in violation of Federal, State, or local law, ordinance or regulation.
  23. Patrons are requested to follow all rules diligently to sustain a healthy, enjoyable and safe space in accordance with New York State regulations and health precautions.
  24. Failure to comply with the Library's Patron Code of Conduct may result in exclusion from the Library for the day, permanently and/or in arrest. Theft of Library materials is a serious offense and will result in permanent exclusion from the library and arrest. Communication of threats, physical violence or sexual offenses will result in permanent exclusion. Trespassers will be arrested and prosecuted.
Source: Policy Adopted 7-25-2012 by NFPL Board of Trustees, Revised and Adopted by NFPL Board of Trustees Approval April 28, 2021

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