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Please Note:
Starting April 25th, Local History will be closed until the end of July. If you need assistance before then, please contact the reference desk at 1-800-773-4264 or nflref@nioga.org.

Until April 25, 2024, Local History hours remain Mondays 5pm-8pm and Tuesdays-Thursdays 9am-4pm.

Thank you for your understanding!

Local History Department

Located on the third floor of the Main Library, accessible by either stairs or an elevator.

In order for us to better prepare for your visit, we appreciate your booking an appointment in advance, and appointments are required to view items from the archives. Archive requests must be submitted two local history business days in advance. 

To make an appointment, email us at nflh@nioga.org or call 716-286-4899.

Viewing Archive Items

To view any items in our archives, requests must be made 2 business days in advance.

Please note: Requests will be processed during Local History Department operating hours only (Monday: 5pm - 8pm; Tuesday: 9am - 4pm Wednesday: 9am - 4pm; Thursday: 9am - 4pm).  For example, a request submitted on Friday would be fulfilled by end of Tuesday.

Please place all requests with the Local History Department: 716-286-4899 or email: nflh@nioga.org

Archives Space Catalog:

This catalog includes records of the archival items in our Local History Department collection.

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Past Perfect Catalog:

This catalog includes records of the Museum Objects in our Local History Department collection.

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Local History Department News

Our oral history digitization project, “Memories of Niagara Falls,” will be completed and available in the New Year. This grant was funded by Humanities for New York. The “Memories of Niagara Falls” exhibit will showcase the digitized videos from the Niagara Falls Public Library’s Local History Department’s Collections. These videos consist of a series of local history interviews and presentations that discuss differing perspectives on the history of Niagara Falls and the community. The exhibit will be available on our website and also in person via a freestanding kiosk at both Main and LaSalle libraries.

About the Local History Department

Local History is a research library containing extensive collections of books, photographs, maps, newspapers, videotapes, scrapbooks, and clipping files about Niagara Falls, both city and the cataract.  These materials document the history of the Niagara Falls area from before the founding of the villages of Niagara Falls (1848), Niagara City (1854), and the present day Niagara Falls.

Print Versions of Photographs Available for Purchase

The Local History Department will now be offering patrons the option to purchase a printed version of photographs. Prices are on the Image Policy Form, and will range from $10-$30. Click here to view the Image Policy Form.

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  • Daredevils of Niagara: Photos and Writing from the Orrin E. Dunlap Colledtion
  • Niagara Falls City Directories
  • State Reservation at Niagara
NYH collection digitized with funds from the WNYLRC Regional Bibliographic Data Bases and Interlibrary Resources Sharing Program program.